Malchem Industry

Steel structures

Steel constructions require permanent corrosion protection. Construction factories, manufacturers of warehouse halls, industrial halls put special emphasis on the time of implementation, ease of application and aesthetic value.

To protect the structure, we can offer simple systems with one coating, or in the case of much more demanding structures – complex multilayer systems.

Already from the first design stage, we support investors, architects and contractors in the selection of corrosion protection and during painting work. Of the range of our products, we especially recommend those with a low VOC content. By using our brand’s products, you get a guarantee of high quality, professional support and high performance.

Galvanized steel structures


When painting galvanized coatings, adhesion of the paint coating to the substrate is particularly difficult. The problem of adhesion is caused by surface contamination, which results from the specificity of technological processes during galvanizing, low reactivity and low surface roughness.

In order to avoid problems with adhesion, the substrate should be properly prepared by cleaning it of any impurities, and special paint systems that have extremely good priming properties should be used.

We offer specialized primer based on epoxy resin Epoxykor M 501, which is ideal for use on galvanized steel structures.

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery security products proposed by MALCHEM should meet the requirements for both customers involved in the production of new agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as for individual customers who would like to renovate on their own.

Elements of agricultural machinery can be protected with both one-component products – alkyd, simple in application with good anti-corrosive properties and aesthetic values, or two-layer EP-PUR systems with even better properties for longer protection durability.

Alkyd and polyurethane products are available in full RAL and NCS colors and in every gloss class, thanks to which they fully meet your expectations.

Construction machinery

Manufacturers of construction machinery for cranes, excavators, lifts and construction vehicles repeatedly create a color recognizable for their brand. In our own laboratory, we can create any color modification at the customer’s request. As a result, we meet the highest requirements and standards of the companies we work with.

Painting systems dedicated to the corrosion protection of construction machines are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, additionally meeting the requirements of corrosion protection – even in the most adverse corrosive environments.

Road construction

Road infrastructure is a very dynamically developing industry. Many constructions in road construction require specialist protection. The quality of the choices used for this purpose is constantly verified by independent research laboratories.

One of them is the Road and Bridge Research Institute. The systems proposed by MALCHEM have successfully passed a number of specialized tests. while having very good resistance to road and bridge atmosphere, including the highly corrosive effect of road salts.

MALCHEM systems meet the highest requirements of our customers due to anti-corrosion properties and very good aesthetic values.

Bridges and footbridges

Bridge infrastructure is security systems in accordance with the requirements of the Institute of Road and Bridge Construction. The epoxy-polyurethane systems used so far have created corrosion protection in accordance with a durability class of over 15 years.

Our systems meet the highest requirements of both persistence and corrosion protection. However, in line with new trends, new innovative products based on polyurea and polysiloxane resins are increasingly used in bridge corrosion protection systems.

To this end, new MALCHEM products Neothane and Eposiloxane have been developed

Containers and silos

When designing the corrosion protection used for silos or containers, there are many factors to consider. One of them is to determine which substances or chemical media the paint will come into contact with.

Defining them is invariably important from the very beginning of the design, so that the product we propose can fulfill its protective function. An additional aspect may also be temporary contact and high temperature resistance.

In our offer you will find the most specialized products that provide good and long-term protection.

Zbiorniki stalowe

Tanks for the petrochemical industry require protection against static electricity and relate to potentially explosive facilities. For this purpose, a product with a high solids content and low VOC content was created, characterized by very good application and anti-corrosion parameters.

Wyrób EPOXYMAL ZB jest grubopowłokową, łatwą w aplikacji farbą epoksydową, pozwalającą na uzyskanie grubości pojedynczej warstwy nawet do 300 μm na mokro. Może być aplikowana przy pomocy pędzlam zachowując przy tym bardzo dobre właściwości kryjące.

Electricity infrastructure

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne publishes a list of systems that we can use to protect steel structures of energy infrastructure. Our specialists have developed dedicated systems for this purpose that meet the stringent requirements of the industry. The proposed systems have passed a number of laboratory and technical tests.

Also for the needs of the industry, a product based on a mixture of acrylic and polyester resins has been created, reinforced with barrier and anti-corrosive pigments, easy to apply, low VOC content, available in RAL and DB – MAKRYL HS colors.

MALCHEM has the recommendation of Polish Power Grids and Tauron Dystrybucja.

Dipped constructions

MALCHEM industrial anti-corrosive paints are the right choice for submerged structures – both those buried in the ground and those exposed to water.

Our products are perfectly suited to the protection of hydrotechnical constructions such as dams, weirs and hydroelectric power plants. For painting structures buried in the ground, pipelines and tanks, we have developed a specialized product based on epoxy with the addition of bituminous components – EPOXYKOR B. It is a high-class thick-coat paint, thanks to which the number of repainting can be reduced, while maintaining very good drainage parameters, as well as resistance for corrosive agents and mechanical damage.

When planning your investment, we encourage you to use our technical support. Our specialists help to choose the right security system in line with the investor’s expectations.

Mining industry

The mining industry requires individual technological solutions. Our team of specialists, thanks to many years of experience, is able to develop the corrosion protection system for the needs of the mining industry, which will be resistant to harsh corrosion conditions – specified in class C5M or C5X.

With very high humidity, which is planned underground, hindering and prolonging the drying process of paint, our products retain very good application and anti-corrosion properties.

As a result, they are used in the production and renovation of mining machinery and steel structures used in mining.

Railway infrastructure

Railway infrastructure consists of tracks, switches, engineering facilities including bridges, tunnels and culverts. Most of these elements require durable and safe corrosion protection.

When creating security systems, we pay special attention not only to protective properties, but also to ecology. Our products are technologically refined in such a way as not to increase the emission of harmful substances into the air. That is why our offer includes High Solid products. EPOXYKOR HS – with a reduced amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).